As was mentioned during your Pilgrim Walk, Sunday is not the end of your Emmaus experience but only the beginning of your fourth days. Participation in Share Group activities, Community Gatherings and future Pilgrim Walks is an excellent way to serve the Lord and help keep the Emmaus Movement alive and vital.

This Volunteer Sheet is one way you can tell the community where you would like to serve.
Remember that persons who serve in these areas are consider first for new team members, one year after their initial walk.
Please print and fill out this form -See the directions at the bottom of this page for submitting this form.

Community Member Information

Zip Code

Sharing Group Activities
Join a share group!
Being a member of a Share Group will become a vital part of your 4th Days spiritual growth. The Good Shepherd of the Community can assist you in finding a Share Group in your area. Just check the box below!

Please have the Men's or Women's Good Shepherd contact me.

Remember how impressed you were with all the Agape you received on your Walk? Now it's your turn! If you and/or members of your Share Group are interested in supplying Agape, please indicate below!

I ( and/or my share group) would like to make Agape for a Walk. Please have a member of the Agape Committee contact me with more information.

Community Gatherings

I have a musical talent and would be interested in performing special music at Gatherings
Vocal       Instrumental:
I am interested in doing  a 4th Day Talk at a Gathering
I will provide or arrange for Child Care at a Gathering or Closing Services

Pilgrim Walks
Following most gatherings, particularly those just before an Emmaus Walk, there will be sign-up sheets in Fellowship Hall where you can volunteer to help in the Kitchen,  Logistics and the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil Sheet. This form gives you a head start!

Kitchen Help
If you can help on short notice and would be willing to be "on-call" please check below.

Breakfast    Lunch    Supper
Friday    Saturday    Sunday

Logistics Volunteer
Logistics activities involve preparing the church and helping the Pilgrims in the many special ways that are often not noticed.

Wednesday Evening Set - up    Thursday Afternoon Set-up
Thursday Afternoon Luggage    housekeeping Chores - anytime
Sunday Morning Cleanup - 6 AM    Sunday afternoon Clean up - 4PM

Team Member Selection
 To be considered as a Team Member you must be 1) a members of a share group 2) Active in your home church and 3) Active in the Wilmington Emmaus Community.

  I want to be considered for an Emmaus Team and meet the above Team Selection Criteria 

I have been active
In Emmaus     In the Kitchen    Logistics    Other:

Emmaus Community
I would be willing to serve on a committee or the Board of Directors. I understand that I must be 1) a member of a share group, 2) Active in my home Church and 3) Active in the Wilmington Emmaus Community.

Tell us how to get in touch with you:


Please print and fill out this form and give to person from the Wilmington Board 
-See Board Members -Here 
Or Mail To : 
Wilmington Area Emmaus Community
P.O Box #191
Wilmington Ohio 45177
Attention: Leadership Chairperson


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