By Laws


The name of this community is The Wilmington Area Emmaus Community, hereinafter referred to as the Community.


Section 1. The purpose of the Community shall be to inspire, challenge, and equip church members for Christian action, in their homes, churches, places of work, and the world community through the Emmaus experience.

Section 2.  The Community is affiliated with the International Emmaus Program of the Upper Room, Nashville, Tennessee.


Section 1.  All persons who have completed a weekend experience of the Walk to Emmaus, sponsored by an Upper Room Emmaus Community shall be members of the Community.

Section 2.  Persons who have completed a Walk to Emmaus sponsored by an Upper Room Emmaus Community may become active in this community by participating in the activities of the Community and asking the secretary or other board member of the Community to have their names included in the mailing list and in the community roster.


Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Composition

Section 3. Terms of Office

Section 4. Officers

Section 5. Meetings

Section 6. Quorum

Section 7. Spiritual Director(s)

Section 8. Special Meetings

Section 10. Vacancies on the Board




Proposed amendments may be presented to the Board of Directors by any member of the Board one (1) month in advance for consideration by the Board. If the amendments are voted in the affirmative by three-fourths (3/4) vote, they will be circulated to the membership by the Community Newsletter. If no objections to the by-laws or amendments are presented to the board within thirty (30) days, the by-laws or amendments will be considered adopted. If an objection is received, the amendment will be reconsidered by the board with the objection noted. If the Board again approves the amendment by three-fourths (3/4) vote, the amendment will also be presented to the community at the gathering. A majority of votes cast by the membership will decide the matter. 



Procedure 1: Election of Replacement Board Members

Of the Board Members, approximately one third shall be replaced every year by an election process. The process shall be board driven as a means to replace the outgoing board members.

Also, it shall be a means to develop knowledgeable members who are willing to serve as a member of the Board.  Preferably, there shall be a choice of 2 or more members from each position that will be offered to the community for election to the Board.

Election Process:

  1. The Nominating Committee will be the officers of the Emmaus Board headed by the Community Chair. Additional nominating committee members may be included as needed.
  2. The nominating committee shall take all necessary steps to complete a ballot of two or more persons for each open position.
  3. The persons selected shall be nominated with a regard for maintaining the diversity of Board membership.
  4. All persons nominated shall have been an active member of the community for at least one (1) year and be active in their local church.
  5. The slate for potential Board members shall be submitted to the Board for approval by no later than the September Board meeting.
  6. Election of board members shall take place at the November Gathering. The floor shall be opened for nomination of candidates prior to the final election.
  7. Candidates will be invited to leave the Gathering during the vote. The vote shall be by show-of-hands.
  8. Votes will be counted by the Nominating Committee and announced immediately. The results will also be published in the next Newsletter. All winning candidates shall be immediately notified.
  9. A simple majority shall elect board members. In case of a tie, a final ballot shall be offered at the December Gathering.
  10. Board members shall be permitted to change responsibilities to an open position after serving at lease one year in their elected position.

Procedure 2:  Election of Community Leadership Chair

The Community Chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors no later than the November Board meeting. The effective term shall start on January 1st of the coming year.  It is anticipated that the current Community Chair will become the Leadership Chairperson the following year.

Qualifications to become Community Chair:

  1. At least one year of current Board experience prior to assuming office, or
  2. May be a former board member who has completed a full term of service.
  3. The Chairperson must have significant experience on Emmaus teams; having served at least as an Assistant Lay Director on an Emmaus Walk.
  4. The Community Chairperson must be willing to chair the team selection committee and serve a subsequent year as the Leadership Chairperson.

Procedure 3:  These by-laws will be reviewed, revised and readopted every five years.


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