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The Women of Walk #47 were a creative and active group. 
At the closing they shared their rendition of DeColores 
which we would like to share with you!


Poor Delores stayed home
to sleep in her bed
and clean her kitchen

Oh, she missed it
All the wonderful teaching
and crying and laughing we did

And the eating
All the eating, and eating and eating
Wire full to the brim

Chorus: Poor Delores
                She missed all the blessings
                By not saying Yes to Emmaus this time

Sweet Pauline
Sweet Pauline, our dear table leader
She blessed all our lives

And Sharon
Dear Sharon assisted Pauline
In reigning us in

Precious Lois
And dear Darrell & Wayne
How we'll miss all this kindness & love


What time is it?
Did you sneak your watch
Inside your suitcase, it did no good

Precious sister
Telling us when to get up and eat & go potty & bed

Loyal servants
Showing us our Lord's love
In their selflessness we were so blessed


No hot water
No hot water available
For us to shampoo our hair

Oh the snoring
Oh the snoring those earplugs they
Certainly did come in handy

No more sleeping
No more sleeping we're averaging
Three hours, some even less


And the rooster
And the cluck hen & babe chicks
We'll miss all their cute little sounds

Cursillists, perhaps even someday
We'll know what they are

Purple booklets
Turning pages while singing
And trying to walk down the stairs