Wilmington  Emmaus Walk 61
A Poem from the heart of a Pilgrim

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I don't have a fancy card for you,
but I hope this poem of encouragement will do.
I know although we've just met,
that God surely isn't finished with our relationship yet.
I pray that as we grow closer together,
our hearts will form a bond that will last forever.
We're taught about that
"unconditional love",
that we know comes from God above.
But I want you to know as wqe leave this peace,
your lives have touched me in a very special way.
May God richly bless you as you
return to your loved ones,
but I pray you won't forget EMMUS No. 61.
When we all leave from this old earth someday,
I pray God will have lived in your heart in a very special way.

For when this old body is over & done.
I pray you will see the Glory of His Only Begotten Son!

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