God, give me due respect for the abilities you have give me.
Don't let me sell them short. Don't let me cheapen them.
Don't let me bury my talents through indecision, cowardice or laziness:

Plant in me the necessary determination.
Keep me at it.
Rouse in me the fires of dedication.
Keep me at it.
Give me the energy, strength, and will power to bring your gifts to their proper fruition.
Keep me at it.
When I falter or fall, lift me up and set me back on my destined path.
Keep me at it.
Oh God, when the way seems dark and there is no light there,
plant at least one small signal fire at the end of the long black tunnel
that I may keep plodding steadily forward toward it.

When friends laugh at me,
Keep me at it.
When people tempt me away from it,
Keep me at it.
When others scorn what I have produced, let me not be discouraged.
Keep me at it.
When those who have tried and failed or who have never tried at all,
those who are envious or indolent,
when such people would hurt me by spiteful words or acts,
let me not be bothered.
Return me to my task,
Keep me at it.
Let nothing really matter but these precious gifts you have entrusted to me.
For their sake, let me be willing and proud to make the sacrifice.
Keep me at it.