Each Emmaus Walk at Wilmington carries its own theme designed by the LD of the weekend that not only identifies one Walk from another but also shares a message of God's love for the pilgrim.

For several years a member of the community individually painted each pilgrim's Sunday afternoon letter bag with the theme. Depicted here are just a few of these original creations. The collection is far from complete. If you have a theme not listed, please share.

Just click on the image you like and see it in a new window in full size.

 Be still and know that I am Ogd Psalm 46:10 Womens 39

Walk as children of Ligh Ephesians 5:8

God's Gifty to You Ephesians 2:8 Womens 34

God is Love John 4:16 Womens 35

The Lord is my shepherd Psalm 23:1 Womens 48

Sing to the Lord a new song Isaiah 42:10 Womens 49

Come Holy Spirit Acts 1:8 Mens 18

Feed my sheep Mens 21

Shepherd of Love Mens 23 and Womens 45

Psalm 91:11 Womens 40

Let us do good to all people Galatians6:10 Mens 20

You gave us hearts, dear Lord, to share your love Womens 47

God keeps His promises Psalm 37:3 Womens 43

God so loved the world John 3:16 Womens 46

Isa 33:17 Womens 37

They shall mount up with wings as egales Isaiah 40:31 Womens 26

O how he loves you and me ! John 4:10 mens 25

Send forth your light and your truth , Let them guide me Psalm 43:3 mens 24

smal 23 mens 27

Psalm 91:11 womens 44